Mediclaim for Foreign travel
Medical Insurance for Foreign Travel

It is beneficial to have a mediclaim for foreign travel before planning for a abroad trip, because sometimes weather condition doesn’t suits you or you may caught by some serious disease over there. There are different kinds of medical insurance for foreign travel. 1. Individual Travel Insurance 2. Family Travel Insurance 3. Senior Citizen Travel insurance 4. Student Travel Medical Insurance Now check out how to select the best plan. [&hellip

Senior Citizen Health Insurance
Medical Insurance for Above 60 Years

As a person grow old, his/her health undergoes various changes. These change need heavy care and sometimes requires heavy financial care. So to avoid that high financial risk for healthcare, many companies providing medical insurance for senior citizen that are above 60 years. All companies provide Pre & Post Hospitalization charges as well as expenses for treatment of Critical Illness. Critical Illness  covered in the Policy : Coronary Artery Surgery [&hellip

Medical Insurance for Employees
Medical Policy for Employees

Group mediclaim policy is generally for a group of people, usually who are member of a society, employees of a common employer or professionals in a common group. Group health insurance helps companies identify and mitigate the risks their employees face. Due to high inflation rates it is next to impossible to get a good health cover without mediclaim policies. So it is necessary for an employer to cover their [&hellip

cashless mediclaim
Cashless Mediclaim policy

Sometimes there would be situations when you have to rush to hospital for some emergency and you don’t have enough cash ready with you and hospital reject to admit without cash deposit. On that situation a cashless mediclaim can help you. In cashless mediclaim you will get an ID card that will work as cash for you. But you need to sure which insurance company providing cashless cards in their [&hellip

Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens

Mediclaim policy for senior citizens has been designed to cover to the needs of our Senior Citizens. It covers Hospitalization and Domiciliary Hospitalization Expenses. Diseases that are covered are : ·         Coronary Artery Surgery ·         Cancer ·         Renal Failure i.e. Failure for both kidneys ·         Stroke ·         Multiple Sclerosis       ·         Paralysis and blindness at extra premium ·         Major Organ Transplants like kidney, Lung, Pancreas or Bone marrow  Sum Insured:  Amount of the Sum Insured is [&hellip

Mediclaim Policy United India Insurance

United India Insurance, Is a premium medicliam policy provider company. It offers many Mediclaim policies according to your need.  You can trust this company as its a nationalized company in general insurance since 1972 and has various branches in over 200 Tier II and III cities.  Company is offering various kind of insurance products. Mainly they are known to offer good mediclaim policy plans. Few of them are as follows [&hellip

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