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On May 14, 2013
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Hospital expenses are sky rocketing day by day and you need to be secure yourself from those heavy medical bills. Health insurance for you and your family is an option to cut the medical expenses in emergency and in basic routine checkups.
Suppose you need to undergo a critical surgery or some medical checkup then health insurance company will pay out all the expenses and you just have to pay a limited premium amount.
Hospitalization expenses in case of illness, disease or accident will affect your budget in that case mediclaim policy will help you out from that situation.

Mediclaim policy can be taken for individual person or family, you can opt according to your budget, because there are huge differences in premium for individual and family.

There are some restriction on age limit and if individual is below that age then he/she needs to go undergo medical test before taking a medical policy. Also if you are suffering from any preexisting disease then it will not be covered in mediclaim.

1. Apollo Munich Easy Health Exclusive : – The brand name comes in best mediclaim policies. Apollo munich is very reliable brand and in this plan you will get maternity benefits upto 25,000. It also covers health checkup once in 3 yrs if there is no gap in policy.

2. LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy: – This policy is for those who can’t invest a heavy amount on health insurance. The premium rates are very low and starting from around 1900 pa. with this policy you can insurance yourself and your family too. If you take the policy for your family too than premium rates will low down.

3. Bharti Axa Medical Insurance: – In this policy you will get clear information about which critical disease will be cover under your policy and what is the waiting period for them, also there are some add on features that you can opt according to your need. Like you can opt for accidental insurance or Education grant for children and premium will be according to that.

4. Bajaj Allianz Individual health Guard : – They are offering a family discount of 10%. There is no medical tests upto 45 yrs.

5. Oriental Insurance :- Individual Mediclaim policy will be available to any individual between the age of 18 to 80 years for treatment taken in India. An individual can also get his family cover by way of family package caover.